Chipps Hill Project – Update

The roadside verge on Chipps Hill is a haven for wildflowers and associated fauna.

An audit of Chipps Hill in in July 2023 revealed 63 different wildflowers. The habitat has been struggling to compete with brambles and emergent scrub, especially blackthorn, which is spreading out of the hedges above the embankments.

Without maintenance, we will lose this valuable habitat to invasive growth and the wildflowers will disappear. Chipps Hill is listed on the ‘Bucks Potential Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation’.

The Parish Council contracted for Buckland Landscapes to cut back the invasive growth on both sides of Chipps Hill to allow the wildflowers to flourish. The work took place on Monday 5th February 2024.

Keep an eye out in the Summer for the wildflowers!


Please contact Hayley Glasgow, if you have any questions or comments.

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