What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

The Parish Council works within the overall structure of local government to get the best deal for local people.

Piddington & Wheeler End Parish Council is made up of 7 councillors and the Parish Clerk.

The parish council meets on the second Tuesday of every month, except August. Meetings are held in Piddington Village Hall, start at 7.30PM and normally end by 8.30PM.

Our meetings are all open to the public and you are welcome to come along and air your views, ask questions about any issues that concern you or just come and listen to see what goes on.

The main function of the Parish Council is to work to improve the quality of live of those who live and work in the area – to make it an enjoyable and safe place to live, to maintain and improve local amenities and to oversee the future direction of our rural community.

Principally this is focused on two main areas

  • The environment that we live in – planning, highways, footpaths, open spaces, allotments, local services and amenities
  • The community that we are part of – the social and recreational parts of our lives, local groups, the village hall and community events

The Parish Council will

  • Work to raise the profile of the Parish Council within the local community and engage better with residents and local businesses
  • Listen to the views of residents and local businesses giving them a say in the development of our villages and future of our area
  • To this end we will actively engage with our local Bucks CC councillors, council departments, non government organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that the parish has an influence on decisions that affect our area
  • Support community groups and local initiatives with both practical and financial help; encourage and get involved with any local events organised to benefit the community
  • Be communicative and transparent about everything that the council does and keep residents informed about local issues, plans for works and any other developments affecting the community
  • Wherever possible the Parish Council will work in a green and sustainable way as described in the environmental policy