High Wycombe Governance Consultation

Buckinghamshire Council are seeking residents’ views of the future governance of High Wycombe.

Whilst this is not within our parish area, it may well be an issue to family/friends and you may want to be know the situation.

You can download a PDF document explaining the current situation and future options – High Wycombe Your Voice Your Town

The consultation is live at

From Monday 12 February, residents who live in the unparished area of High Wycombe are invited to have their say on how High Wycombe is run. This forms part of the council’s local community governance review.

The council has a responsibility for reviewing local governance arrangements to ensure they meet local needs. The review investigates whether:

  • Decisions made in the local area reflect the identity and interests of the local community
  • Arrangements are as convenient and effective as possible

In some parts of the country, town or parish councils are responsible for services and decision making in their local community. In other areas, such as High Wycombe, different arrangements are in place. High Wycombe does not have a parish or town council – this is known as an unparished area.

An information booklet and hard copy of the survey will arrive in the post to all households in the unparished area of High Wycombe this week. The booklet explains the current local governance arrangements. These are the processes in place for decision making that affect residents and their local area including:

  • How residents and local communities are represented
  • Who residents can direct queries to about services in their local area

Buckinghamshire Council is asking residents to respond to the survey to tell the council if they would prefer to keep arrangements in High Wycombe as they are, or whether a town council should be created.

The consultation is open until 11.59pm on Sunday 7 April 2024 and can also be accessed online at Your Voice Bucks.

David Goss, Chair of Buckinghamshire Council’s Standards and General Purposes Committee said:

“We’re encouraging everyone who lives in the unparished area of High Wycombe to look out for your letter containing the information booklet and survey. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on how you and your community are represented.”



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