Piddington Green Update

The grass on Piddington Green has had its first cut of the year.

Several areas have been left to allow daffodils and wild flowers to flourish. The daffodils wil be left alone until the end of July so that they can use their leaves as energy to create next year’s flowers.

The wildflower areas have been marked out with ‘Pardon the weeds’ signs.

Our resident expert, Jonathon Cains of Wellfield Road, marked out the wildflower areas and had a good look to see what’s coming through. He spotted Celandine, Grape Hyacinth, Lords-and-ladies AKA Cuckoo-Pint, Violets, Cow Parsley, Red and White Dead-Nettles, Native Hogweed, Stitchwort also a few Bluebells.

Regular audits will be carried out during the growing season. Keep an eye out for more wildflowers this Summer.

Please contact our Parish Clerk, Hayley Glasgow, if you have any questions or comments.


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