New Parish Council Website

So if you’re reading this, hopefully you’ll have noticed we have a new Parish Council website.

We’ve added lots of new content – and will continue to do so – and aim to make it a genuine asset to our community rather than just some kind of regulatory box ticking exercise.

The main changes include

  • The village hall is now part of this website and an automated booking/payment system will be added soon
  • Fix My Street integration will allow you to view and report issues in the local area more easily
  • The history area has been expanded and we will continue to develop this interesting part of the site
  • Photo galleries are now included – local area, community events, historical photos and more
  • Local directories, events calendar and community news
  • Improved clearer design and accessibility – conforms to all the latest standards

We hope you like what you’ve seen so far – we are open to feedback – so please get in touch.


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